Glorifind was born from a simple, profound insight: Christians have always been keepers and seekers of truth and wisdom. They have a rich tradition that respects and honors the sharing and propagation of knowledge and, in the digital era, this tradition remains pertinent and undeterred. With this grand history in mind, Glorifind enters the arena as a search engine that promises to uphold these values.

The vast majority of our online activity is currently entrusted to secular companies. The data we share, the queries we make, and the information we absorb are largely processed through platforms that may not reflect our values.

At Glorifind, we believe that Christians may be better served by entrusting their data, their search queries, and their online behavior to a company that aligns with their faith.

Just as a Christian library may contain non-Christian sources, our search engine is whole-web meaning we collect all of the web's information.

But also think of this search engine as a Christian librarian, guiding you along as you seek for information. We have three main levels of discernment that take Google's search databases and make them more useful for Christians to use.

1. Safe-search algorithms are always on. As a joke we call safe-search the "temptation toggle" or the "devil's dropdown". Well we don't have this option.

2. Positive, Christian ranking modifications. Just like the Christian librarian, we'll try to find high-quality sources from Christians thinkers and scientists. We WILL give you the most relevant result even if no overtly Christian source is available.

3. Targeted website removals. There are some websites that either don't care about truth, or only care about leading people astray. If these websites slip through the first two filters, we ask that you submit them to us and we either reduce their rankings or remove them from our service altogether.